Pleasant Grove’s rich heritage stands in honor of those who have built and protected the community. The city’s dozens of founder-related historical landmarks dot the town in all twelve historical neighborhoods. From the Fugal Blacksmith Shop to the Beers House Hotel (the first hotel built in Utah Valley – of which Andy is an owner) to the Old Pleasant Grove Fort the city touts a fantastic pioneer heritage. There are also more-recent icons of our city – businesses like Taco AmigoThe Purple TurtleDaylight Donuts, and Harts, and community locations like the newly remodeled PG High, the New Rec Center and Discovery Park. And if you live in Pleasant Grove, there’s no doubt you’ve got a list of your own favorites.

For those like Andy who have grown up in Pleasant Grove these landmarks often represent important memories and milestones in life; the street where you learned to ride a bike (1250 East was Andy’s), where you went to elementary school (the “new school in town” – Valley View), where you had your first real job (Andy’s was as a lifeguard at the PG Pool), where you met your sweetheart (Frank Mills’ house where Andy met Natalie), where you decided to raise your kids (1100 East – built his home in the orchard where he wasn’t allowed to play as a kid!) and that first time you got the Beautification Award  (June 2013 – he’s been chasing that award with hard work for over a decade!).

Andy will continue to work to preserve and promote our city’s heritage by supporting efforts to recognize, improve and maintain the places and stories that make up our wonderful city.

But, probably even more importantly, when damaged roads, unutilized premium real estate, proposed property tax increases and other frustrations tarnish our community, they harm our heritage too. Andy will go to work to solve the issues plaguing our city and make our future just as bright as our past.

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Kennedy swimming

Can you remember your first little league game? What about swim team, Strawberry Days or 4th of July fireworks at the Junior High? Is the annual Fireman’s Breakfast a tradition in your family too?

Pleasant Grove is the only town on the Wasatch Front that has grown to tens of thousands of residents, but still maintains its small-town-community atmosphere. And yet, with our growth, there’s a risk that the atmosphere can completely change. Government has a tendency of expanding, litigating and taxing. Politicians like to regulate and increase codes, laws and statutes. And, as we’ve already seen in multiple instances, our own elected officials sometimes disregard public opinion in order to leave their mark.

Andy has the experience, perspective and education to promote the way of life we strive for here in Pleasant Grove.

Do you want better roads, improved recreation programs and nicer parks? Do you want new businesses to come and generate the tax revenue we need for these improvements? If so, then click here to let your friends, family and neighbors know to support Andy Weight as a member of the City Council.




We’ve been hearing about the growth of Pleasant Grove for years. With the addition of the new freeway exit we all hoped to see the city boom along with Lehi, American Fork, Highland and Alpine. And yet, here we sit, a decade later, with almost nothing to show for it. Yes, there’s a great plan in place, but where are the actual businesses?

Pleasant Grove has a tremendous opportunity to thrive by recruiting businesses to increase our tax base and improve our way of life. While some feel that the “Good Ol Boys” mentality is hurting this initiative, others are concerned that we’ve tried to plan and policy-make our way out of the problem. Instead of focusing on litigation, new laws/codes/ordinances and politics, Andy will bring a new approach to the table. Making this opportunity a reality will take four things:

1) Business Experience: Andy has owned a business in Pleasant Grove and knows exactly what businesses are expected to do to open in Pleasant Grove. He’s experienced the pains and frustrations of obtaining a business license, getting building code and health department approval. And he can help prospective businesses understand and navigate the process as an advocate – rather than as a politician.

2) Marketing: How many businesses are attracted to Pleasant Grove because of its current logos and catchphrases? Andy understands that those aren’t the things that drive decisions. As a sales and marketing professional for the past 22 years Andy knows how to identify, communicate with and sign the prospective businesses we want in PG.

3) Networking: Did you know Andy used social media to build a multi-million dollar marketing component of a local business? He discovered customers worldwide, engaged them and signed them. Are we leveraging the tools available to reach thousands of businesses? Do other candidates have that expertise?

4) Relationships: No amount of regulating or policy-making is going to get businesses to Pleasant Grove. In the world of business it’s all about relationships. Andy’s established relationships with business leaders worldwide and can engage comfortably at the executive level. He’s comfortable both in and out of the boardroom.

If you want to attract the right businesses, and grow Pleasant Grove in a way that will improve our way of life, share your support for Andy on Facebook by clicking here.

About Andy

IMG_9303Andy Weight’s roots in Pleasant Grove go back to his Great-Great-Great Grandfather who helped resolve the Indian conflict at Battle Creek. As an alumni of Pleasant Grove High School, lifetime city resident, volunteer, local business owner and property owner in the Historic Downtown area, Andy’s love for Pleasant Grove is unparalleled.

Andy is running for City Council because he believes Pleasant Grove has huge potential and tremendous opportunity for growth. Just like so many citizens, Andy loves Pleasant Grove because of its quality of life, its history and heritage. And yet our city’s reputation for being industrious, productive and an overall wonderful-place-to-raise families is being challenged.

With Andy’s business experience, training and his understanding of the people of Pleasant Grove, he’ll lead the city through its impending growth. Andy will recruit the right types of businesses so the town retains its wonderful culture but increases its ability to repair roads, improve parks and deliver better public services.

Andy and his wife, Natalie Mills Weight, love raising their four children in Pleasant Grove and hope to someday shop here, dine here and recreate here, rather than having to travel to neighboring towns to do so.

If your goals for Pleasant Grove are similar, share your support for Andy on Facebook or click here to donate to his campaign.


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Andy Weight’s roots in Pleasant Grove go back to his Great-Great-Great Grandfather who helped resolve the Indian conflict at Battle Creek. The following story relates that time in history: The Timpanogos Indians in Utah Valley appeared friendly toward the Mormons when first the Anglo Americans intruded upon traditional Indian lands. However during the second winter […]


The following videos were taken during the Debate that was hosted by iCaucas on October 24, 2013.

Andy Weight’s Opening Statement


Andy Weight’s Stance on PG’s Challenges


Andy Weight’s Stance on the Proper Role of Government


Andy Weight’s Stance on How to Maximize Tax Base


Andy Weight’s Stance on Public Involvement


Andy Weight’s Stance on Proposition 1


Andy Weight’s Stance on Addressing Needs of PG if Prop 1 Doesn’t Pass


Andy Weight’s Stance on TSSD


Andy Weight’s Stance on How the City Should Plan and Save


Andy Weight’s Closing Statement


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